And we’re back.

THE FATHER LIFE took an unplanned, unintended hiatus the past few months.  Suffice it to say things have been uber-busy around the Martin and Murphy households.  Chris Osburn bravely soldiered on, but without much support.  That is behind us now.  The future is bright ahead!

We’ve launched a new look for, and you’ll continue to see it tweaked and updated over the next few months.  We’re hoping to bring on some extra help, too, to expand our content offerings.  Most importantly, we really want to reconnect with you and give you a forum to tell your story; we’ve talked to a lot of you, and we know you have incredible experiences that would be great to share with the rest of the dad community.  Look for more opportunities to submit your content for publishing in THE FATHER LIFE in the near future!

Ben Martin

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