GIVEAWAY: Millennium Falcon 3D Owner’s Guide

Thanks to our friends at Scholastic, we’ve got three copies of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon: A 3D Owner’s Guide to give away.  All you need to do to qualify is post a comment below.  If you re-post this to your Twitter, Facebook, and/or blog, add an extra comment for each.  Three comments will be chosen at random after November 17, 2010 to receive a copy of the book!

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10 Responses to GIVEAWAY: Millennium Falcon 3D Owner’s Guide

  1. Eric Miltsch says:

    Hey Ben,

    I’m all about Star Wars & especially this Millenium Falcon 3D owner’s guide.

    Re-tweeting this out in a parsec.


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  3. Tom Glende says:

    Very cool! This would be great to go along with the book that details the Falcon’s history from assembly line to the adventures with Han Solo. If I won this, I’d probably give it to my brother who’s a bigger SW nut than I am!

  4. The question is who will enjoy the book more, father or son?

  5. Matt B says:

    My son would go nuts over this!

  6. Michael Sturlin says:

    This is not the response you are looking for.

    Move along now, I have to make the Kessel run today because Jabba is jonesing for some glitterstim spice.

  7. Kyle Chapman says:

    This is awesome. I still play with star wars toys. Would love this book. Auto-retweet.

    – Kyle

  8. Tim Loranger says:

    “She’ll make point five past lightspeed. She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid. I’ve made a lot of special modifications myself. ”

    Very cool!

  9. Jason says:

    You came here in that thing? You’re braver than I thought.

  10. Daniel M says:

    always loved the falcon, who doesn’t actually

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