Finally Getting Around to Dove Men+Care

We have all kinds of products, books, movies, toys, etc., sent to us for review in THE FATHER LIFE.  It’s been that way almost from day one.  And, almost from day one, I’ve been notoriously bad at actually reviewing those products in a timely way.  Why am I saying this?  It’s not because that reality is likely to change.  Rather, it’s because tonight I finally used some of the Dove Men+Care product that was sent to me many moons ago.

How well does it work? Honestly, I don’t think one shower’s worth of attention is enough to address that question adequately, so I won’t.  If I find myself amazed by the product after some time, I’ll let you know.  Otherwise, I will say it’s interesting to see how they’re marketing the product through design.  One of the things I used tonight was what Dove is calling a “tool,” but which looks remarkably like those scrunchy-soapy-scrubby things my wife likes to use with body wash.  Instead of being pink/purple/some other girly color, this “tool” is a steely gray, and is has manly plastic grip.  It works fine, of course, but I was less interested in how it worked than how it compared to the ones I’d seen before.  This “tool” was definitely designed whith an intent to make a traditionally “female” product have masculine appeal.  Did that design work?  Well, I didn’t have any qualms about using it.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to buy another next time I’m at Walmart, though.  We’ll see how that folds out over time.

The other product I used was the corresponding body wash.  Not much to note here except that I liked that the scent of the product was relatively light and not overpowering.  It worked well enough that I’ll continue to use it for now, but it will take some time to determine if this is a product I’ll purchase in the future.

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