Ben Martin Gets a #NorelcoMakeover

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A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to participate in Norelco’s “Makeover Your Man” promotion. I should say that my wife Jen was given the opportunity, since the reality is she was the one making over “her man”! There were two components to the makeover. First, I had to shop for, purchase, and use a new Norelco razor. Second, Jen had to come up with and execute a plan for the rest of the makeover. Jen had complete control in this second part. She almost never has the opportunity to shop for me like this, so she was excited to have the chance. The costs for the razor and the makeover were covered by Norelco and Collective Bias, but the choices and opinions are my and Jen’s own.

The first item on the list: shop for a new Norelco razor. I’ve never used a Norelco, so I needed to learn more about my options. I logged on to to see what they had available and compare notes. There were some pretty interesting models there – the Arcitec line and the razor with Nivea lotion built in caught my attention. I headed to the local Walmart to see what could be had in person. Here’s a slideshow of that experience:

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I wasn’t thrilled with the selection and I decided to think the purchase over for a few days. After all, this razor is likely something that will be a part of my daily life for the next several years – that’s no trivial decision to make! After pondering further, I decided to go ahead and pick up one of the less expensive models whose price had just been rolled back.

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Having procured the Norelco razor, it was time to give it a test drive! I didn’t waste any time and jumped right in that night.

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I liked the results of the shave, but to really pass the test, Jen has to like the results! Let’s get her reaction:

The Norelco passed the test! So far, this has been pretty easy. The next part, though, is out of my control. It’s time for Jen to work her magic. First, let’s introduce you to the “before” Ben Martin. This is my standard dressed-down outfit – t-shirt and jeans. It’s comfortable, and it’s been my style (if you can call it that) forever. I do dress professionally for work, and I’m comfortable in those clothes, too. However, Jen has observed (and you’ll hear it in this video clip) that I don’t really have a look that falls in-between t-shirts and shirt & tie. Her mission: to find my an “in between” outfit!

Jen has her work cut out for her! I almost never shop for new clothes in a brick and mortar store. I’ve purchased most of my clothes online the past few years. But our shopping trip took us to Kohl’s and to the mall – definitely out of the norm for me! Jen and I were joined on this trip by my two oldest daughters, Emma and Grace. Their task: make sure dad looks cool. You can follow the trip in the slideshow below. One note I’ll add is that my daughters had to repeatedly plead with me not to tuck in my shirt as I was trying on clothes! Tough for this old dog to learn a new trick.

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With the shopping done, it was time to reveal my new look and see if I really had found something “in the middle.” I disappeared upstairs to try on the new duds. Grace gave me a final once-over before joining the rest of the family in the living room. Emma introduced me, and I made my appearance.

As it turns out, I really like the outfit Jen picked for me. I’m looking forward to taking her out to dinner sometime soon so I can use it! I also am liking the Norelco razor; I feel I’m getting a closer shave and it’s much more effective on my neck than anything I’ve used before. Thank you, Jen and Norelco, for this makeover!

UPDATE! We’ve got a great addition to this makeover story – one luck reader of this post will get a year’s supply of replacement heads for their Norelco razor! Just comment on this post to enter the giveaway!

About Ben Martin

Ben Martin is the CEO of The Father Life, Inc., and serves as Editor-In-Chief of The Father Life, the Men's Magazine for Dads. Contact him directly at or follow him on Twitter @scooterodell.
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10 Responses to Ben Martin Gets a #NorelcoMakeover

  1. BenSpark says:

    Loved the makeover and loved that your family got involved so much, that is great.

  2. Jessie Andersen says:

    Awesome makeover! You look great. I love the suit coat– casual, of course. How do I sign my hubby up for this?

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  6. Shannon says:

    Looks like you guys had a great time with the #norelcomakeover! What a great idea to give you & your wife a way to spend time together & have fun! I love the new look & great post!

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